for foreigners

Our course is aimed at people of any nationality who wish to learn Brazilian Portuguese in order to develop verbal communication skills.

Although our focus is on conversation, students will experience all language skills throughout the learning process: grammar development, speaking, listening, reading and writing. This practice is developed through several activities, mainly through discussions on central themes in the community and in the world. Students are invited to speak Portuguese using colloquial expressions used in everyday situations.

They learn from a bilingual teacher who will speak, guide, motivate, correct, analyze and guide them closely. We give our students individualized attention and provide all the tools and materials necessary to improve the learning process. Our students speak Portuguese from the first class and learn to apply the language in real-life situations, creating linguistic competence and speaking for their specific needs.

You can take your classes with highly experienced, multilingual native Portuguese speakers, who teach 100% in Portuguese, but can also explain the content of the lesson in English so that you don't go home without knowing what you've learned.

You will learn how to:

  • Provide personal information: name and surname, country of origin, nationality, profession, phone / e-mails for contact and family members;
  • Comment on your routines / habits at present;
  • Quantify objects;
  • Talk about your plans for the future;
  • Talk about your experiences and routines / habits in the past;
  • Relay the times that you carry out your activities;
  • Give advice / suggestions;
  • Manipulate the conjugation of a set of regular and irregular verbs;
  • Recognize and use lexical items referring to countries and nationalities, professions, university courses, school environment (elementary, high school and university), parts and objects of a house / apartment, months of the year.

Oi Brasil

The book “Oi, Brasil!” from the publisher Hueber will be used for all modules.

The first book corresponds to levels A1 and A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

This everyday language book develops the linguistic competence necessary to use the language in essential communicative situations.

Furthermore, via varied contents practiced interactively, it transmits a living language as used in everyday situations.

It also allows the students to learn about diverse aspects related to the reality of Brazilian socio-cultural.

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